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gadget charger: I-Green bike charger concept


The I-Green Concept Bike Charger is a device from established designer Fandi Meng that harnesses kinetic energy from the spinning wheels of a bike and uses that power to charge your phone, iPod, GPS, or any number of gadget, gizmos and electronics.



While it is still in the concept stage, I am excited by this emerging trend of Kinetic Energy Capture Devices. It’s pretty cool to think that your physical exertion can translate into a charge for your Blackberry.


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Friday, April 15, 2011

eco fashion friday finds – turn up the green

We’ve been scoping all sorts of sustainable fashion and design for the past several years, and it’s great to see the availability of responsibly-made apparel and accessories branch out from the realm of indie artists and mom & pop shops, to much more mainstream retailers. Here’s to easier access of quality goods to an ever growing number of conscious consumers … today’s take on how to get your green on from head to toe.


(above) With oodles of press and now tv ads, sustainably-minded H&M kicks off their much anticipated Conscious Collection – (96) casually cool looks in organic cotton & recycled polyester for ladies, men and kids making the spring-summer scene — at oh so affordable prices. (more…)

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Countdown to Earth Day: green tip of the day – choose sustainable seafood

Tip #15 – Earth Day is next Friday, April 22 – we’re providing a green tip of the day from April 1-22.


Because there really are only so many fish in the sea, seafood lovers should choose wisely. According to Monterey Bay Aquarium, nearly 75% of the world’s fisheries are either fished to capacity, or overfished. So what we choose to put on our plate can either help or hurt the situation. (more…)

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MIA solar flashlight and lamp


Solar powered flashlights have been the butt of many jokes in the past, but this technology means that you will never be left in the dark again, especially if you’re far away from any batteries.


This concept, from designer Jai Dai, can be carried as a flashlight or flipped open to hang like a light bulb or lamp. The light’s versatility sets it apart from other solar powered flashlights on the market, making it perfect for illuminating a dark tent or off-grid workspace. It can recharge its batteries in either its light or lamp stage, making it the perfect tool for anyone seeking a versatile, eco-friendly flashlight.

via: yanko design

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friday’s green news roundup


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