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eco media minute: earth day roundup


We’ve rounded the corner and she’s in sight … as Earth Day turns 41 this Friday, celebrations, news and special events abound … here’s a quick look at some highlights from around the ecosphere:

For starters – do you know who started Earth Day? Check out it out … via You Tube, Organic Bouquet posts a well-produced and informative, short video on the origins of Earth Day.


(above) DisneyNature’s African Cats leaps into theaters all over the country on Earth Day – real-life stories of lions, cheetahs and cubs.

  • Whole Foods serves up a traveling film fest: 6 films in 70 cities. For feature film info and theater locations, visit Do Something Reel. Tickets can be bought online and range from $7.50-$10. For free, you can also watch highly acclaimed, DigIt online on Earth Day. (more…)
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Monday, April 18, 2011

tau speakers – the beautiful sound of recycled cardboard + paper


Environmentalists and audiophiles rejoice, the Tau Speakers by Andrej Cverha of Hangar Design is a perfect marriage of sculpture, sound and sustainability.

The speakers are created from recycled cardboard and paper, and the Seussian shapes are designed to provide the maximum sound quality in a minimalist package. The result is an organic shape that can pump out the jams in an attractive, sustainable fashion. As a musician, I’m getting that far away look in my eyes just thinkin’ about owning a pair of these puppies…though they’re not for yet sale.

via: yanko design

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countdown to Earth Day: green tip of the day – stop junk mail

catalog choice_1.jpg

Earth Day is Friday, April 22 – we’re featuring a green tip of the day from April 1-22.

Tip #18: In your daily endeavors to create less waste, if you’re still receiving junk mail, take a few minutes to curb the amount of unwanted mail either you or member of your family (ie: mom & dad) may receive. Even though some of that material may be printed on recycled paper, efforts to deal with that stuff still results in a lot of wasted time and energy as well as transportation resources just to haul that stuff to and from your home or office.

  • Curb it at the source by signing up for a free service such as Catalog Choice. They’ll help you stop the unending flow of unwanted catalogs, coupons, credit offers, phone books, fliers and other unsolicited material – which will result in saving electricity, trees, water and other valuable resources. You can also opt to sign up for their premium service for a fee or make a donation to help them operate efficiently. (more…)
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green office equipment – myth or reality?

This is guest post by Lloyd Burrell. He runs a website that offers detailed reviews of office desks; L-shaped desks, executive desks, computer desks, secretary desks and even green (recycled) desks.

Green Office Equipment — Myth or Reality?
It’s a reality, because we’ve all tried it. Certain office equipment is greener than other types, iStock_000009959734XSmall_2.jpghowever, so we’ve got some advice to make your office so much greener that the office plant will be leaving you little thank you notes (on recycled paper of course). We’ll include everything we can think of for your office, including the supplies — so you can reduce/recycle/reuse and become the role model for your family, or the rest of your company, as well as perhaps the green hero or heroine of your neighborhood. (more…)

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monday’s eco news roundup


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