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light catcher solar battery charger


What a great idea: The Light Catcher is a 2011 iF Cesign Concept Entry that turns the power of the sun into a reuseable AA or AAA battery. (more…)

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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

alternative energy: mixing entropy battery creates power from interaction of rivers and seas

Will we continue to fund new, renewable energy research as President Obama suggests, or take a step back and de-fund alternative energy research under the guise of deficit reduction as Congressional Republicans propose? With gas prices threatening to hit $5 a gallon, the decision appears to be an obvious no-brainer (although brains seem to be a commodity in short supply in Washington).

mixingentropybattery1.jpgCurrent U.S. Department of Energy grants have already resulted in some groundbreaking energy solutions. One such clean, renewable energy technology may lay right in our rivers’ estuaries.

Scientists at Stanford University are reporting the development of a new battery – a so-called “mixing entropy battery” – that extracts and stores energy produced from the difference in saltiness literally at the point where freshwater in rivers flows into oceans.

A report on the battery, which could potentially supply about 13 percent of the world’s energy needs, appears in the current ACS journal of Nano Letters(more…)

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Countdown to Earth Day: green tip of the day, use rechargeable batteries

Earth Day is Friday, April 22 – we’re featuring a green tip of the day from April 1-22.

Tip #20: A key aspect to our lifecycle approach to sustainability takes into consideration the: design, raw materials, manufacturing, transportation, use, and final disposal of any given item.

rechargeable.jpgWhen it comes to charging our gizmos and gadgets, that usually requires either hand-cranked power or handy little batteries. Until such time whereby these items can all be charged via the sun or wind, opt for rechargeable batteries rather than disposable. Today’s batteries are filled with heavy duty toxins – metals and carcinogens – that pollute our land and seep into our water-table, adversely affecting our food, water and entire ecosystem.

Related: our series of green tips of the day.

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The GreenShows Eco-lux Pop-up at Bloomies


Here’s a first for eco fashion — Kicking off today, New York City-based, The GreenShows steps off the runway and hits the street in SOHO with a first-ever EcoLux Pop-Up Shop in Bloomingdale’s featuring 10 apparel and accessories lines along with meet & greets with some of today’s most innovative earth-conscious designers: April 20-23 Wed-Fri 10a-9p; & Sat 10a-8p.

In NYC: Bloomies SOHO, 504 Broadway – 5th floor. Cancel the shrink this week – get some green retail therapy instead:)

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wednesday’s green news roundup


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