Featuring several vintage objects of desire, today’s collection of sustainable fashion reflects both the practical and quirky — fun bits & pieces to perk-up your summer ensembles. In addition to looking sharp, it’s always chic to keep valuables in circulation and out of the waste stream…of course it’s doubly cool when our purchases help those in need.





(above, from top)

  • Custom-made walk-away dress – dress pattern is from 1953, sewing machine is from 1954, made in Kalamazoo, $75
  • At Adore Vintage you can uncover the perfect treasure with confidence via close-ups of their pristine pre-loved goods:  Lucite picnic-style purse $95 and 1960’s tortoise Hidden Library sunglasses $28
  • ooak – vintage, reclaimed and upcycled – the Golden Ding Dong Cake Pendant comes on 24-inch brass chain. From Ashley Newsome’s Savannah-based, Haberdashery Eco-Fashion Supply‘s etsy shop $10.
  • Two pieces in one: cotton Scrunch Top Skirt ($20) from OfRags.com…made in Ghana and designed to financially assist less fortunate communities.

Remember – love what you have, and only buy what you truly need and love.