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3 Wave Power Energy Converters

With the price of oil rising people are looking every which way for new sources of energy. Wave energy is still in the developmental stage, but new innovative technology gives us hope that it will take off soon. Harnessing the power of the ocean is a great solution for our future energy needs … we’ve dug up a few promising designs:


(left) The Wave Treader by Green Ocean Energy is a device that attaches to an offshore wind turbine. Combining these powers allows the Wave Treader to harness wave and wind energy, which makes for higher output and improved profitability. Wave energy powers arms of the Wave Treader to move up and down, which strokes their hydraulic cylinder. The hydraulic cylinder drives the electric generator, then the electricity is exported through the cable.


(above) The P2 Pelamis is the second generation of Pelamis Wave (more…)

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Thursday, June 30, 2011

organic cotton jasper the owl t-shirt

organiccottonowltshirt.jpgIt always brightens my day when a great looking product results from an eco-friendly manufacturing process, earth-friendly materials and cool design — like this Jasper the Owl tee from designer An Li Liu.

The flower-eyed owl is printed with water-based, non-toxic inks on a slightly long organic cotton t-shirt. Water use is kept to a minimum in the printing process.

It would be wise to buy one of these shirts at An Li’s Supermarket shop – they’re only $28.

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Snowmass Launches Eco Music Festival


If you’re still looking for something to do this weekend to celebrate our nation’s birth, Eco Music Festival might be the place for you. Beginning today, Thursday, June 30th and running thru Sunday, July 3rd, the Eco Music Festival in Snowmass, Colorado includes a variety of music acts and outdoor activities.


Today, the festival kicks off with free sets from the New Mastersounds and Sleeptalk. Fireworks will cap off the night in this beautiful mountain setting.

On Friday, festival-goers have the choice of participating in hiking and biking tours, capture the flag, or yoga. After the day’s activities, everyone is invited to the Sunset Social featuring local music acts and discounted drinks – party for a positive impact.

Saturday marks live music on the mountain. Performances start at noon and don’t stop until around 11pm. Acts include: Tea Leaf Green, Perpetual Groove, and The Disco Biscuits.

Sunday caps off the festival with a relaxing pool party from noon to 4 with a concluding DJ set by Aaron Colbert. (more…)

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today’s green news roundup


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green tip – have you upcycled lately?


To me, being eco conscious also means making useful things out of items that would otherwise be trash, or Upcycling. Pique the interest of your friends and co-workers by asking them for their trash, and MacGyver something new. It may start a conversation, it may appeal to someone’s creative side and it will hopefully get everyone thinking about stepping outside the box. After all, that’s a big part of what being green is about, right?

Ready Made has a great MacGyver Challenge going on right now. (photo above) – You can easily create an iPad holder out of a Starbucks sleeve. It only requires a cutting tool. (more…)

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