With the price of oil rising people are looking every which way for new sources of energy. Wave energy is still in the developmental stage, but new innovative technology gives us hope that it will take off soon. Harnessing the power of the ocean is a great solution for our future energy needs … we’ve dug up a few promising designs:


(left) The Wave Treader by Green Ocean Energy is a device that attaches to an offshore wind turbine. Combining these powers allows the Wave Treader to harness wave and wind energy, which makes for higher output and improved profitability. Wave energy powers arms of the Wave Treader to move up and down, which strokes their hydraulic cylinder. The hydraulic cylinder drives the electric generator, then the electricity is exported through the cable.


(above) The P2 Pelamis is the second generation of Pelamis Wave Power design that is capable of meeting the annual electricity demand of about 500 homes. The P2 is still going through tests, but is already making waves. Investors are already planning on making sustainable wave farms that are expected to generate 10 MW of electricity in 2015.

wave_power.jpeg(right) The Autonomous Power Buoy (APB) by Ocean Power Technologies converts the mechanical energy of a wave into electrical power. The APB is an offshore converter that is mostly submerged underwater. The movement from waves drives a generator that produces electricity, which is sent to shore by underwater cables. Another cool thing about the APB is that it serves as an artificial reef which attracts fish and other marine life.

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