The evite responses have come back by now and you know for sure just how much many people will be coming.  rednapkin_1_1.jpgNow that you are ready to shop, here are some green ideas for your party…

Napkins – Dare to try reusable cloth napkins instead of paper.  If it is a messy barbeque maybe a white wash cloth and red cloth napkin. Both can be used again, keeping all that paper out of the landfill.

Utensils – What about sets of bamboo utensils set at the table wrapped in red, white or blue? They could go home with everyone. Or, for those more outdoorsy types, perhaps a spork? The material isn’t the best but you will use less water washing dishes.  Everyone that I know who has used a spork has loved it.

Cups and plates –  If you don’t have enough and you don’t have the budget for beautiful bamboo pieces, why not hit the thrift store and pick up a set or two. They won’t cost much and you will create a lot less waste taking them back when you are done.


Don’t worry about matching! The world is full of diversity let your table reflect some, too.  If it is new for you, tell your guests that it is eco friendly and it represents the wonderful melting pot our country has become.