The construction of modern buildings and houses has contributed vastly to our collective comfort, health, employment opportunities and overall quality of life. Even considering these highly positive effects, the reality of modern construction is that it also lends to environmental degradation. CompoClay, an eco-friendly company in Alameda, California, realizes these negative effects and is working to do something about them.


Whether it’s through deforestation, resource extraction, chemical usage or metallurgical processes, our environment pays a price for our need to create houses, buildings and products. compoLantern_1.jpgCompoClay aims to offset these damages through the use of abundant and natural building materials.

Be it anything from wall panels and sculptures to mirrors and fireplace mantels, all of CompoClay’s products are fabricated from basic natural ingredients like water, sand grains, sea salt and minerals. The long-term goal of CompoClay is to find a sustainable and healthy alternative to large-scale resource extraction and the use of toxic materials in traditional construction and product design.