When I recently received my review copy of Superfood Cuisine, I was ready to dive in. Author Julie Morris is an expert recipe developer so I figured I’d be in good hands.

Morris not only provides over 100 delicious looking recipes comprised of plant-based whole foods and superfoods, but also useful ancillary info: Definitions of Superfoods and explanations of why they’re important to our well-being, How to Stock a Superfood Pantry, Smart Kitchen Techniques, Answers to Frequently Asked Questions, a Superfood Ingredient Substitution Cheat Sheet, and Ingredient Resources Guide.

julie_morris.jpgIn the preface Morris reveals that while acting as a chef and educator for superfood company, Navitas Naturals, she became inspired to write Superfood Cuisine – which might explain why I received a sample of Navitas Naturals certified organic, antioxidant superfood Trail Mix along with the hardcover. A cozy relationship and a great pairing.

Morris describes how the switch to a nutrient dense diet affected her energy level and brought about easy weight maintenance and clear skin. How did she do it? With each recipe, she focuses first on the function of each ingredient — what it can do for me; how it could support my health; how it could energize and balance my body — and then went to town on making it taste amazing.

In a nutshell, Superfood Cuisine is a comprehensive guide about a new generation of cooking — cooking based on the concept of food as energy. Good health and good taste are naturally a given. In addition to the easy to follow recipes, I especially like the beautiful photographs and Superfood Tips sprinkled throughout.

You can pick up a copy @ (retails for $29.99)