Anyone roaming the aisles of Whole Foods or Wegmans of late has probably noticed a newcomer to the raw, vegan and certified organic snack scene, Power Snacks by Navitas Naturals. The California based company offered to send a couple of complimentary samples our way for the purposes of our Tried and True Green Products Review. After putting these Superfood Snacks to the taste test, here’s what we think: they’re delicious, satiating and nutritious.

Yesterday was a beach day, so we packed the new snacks along with some drinks, and set out to play in sand, salt and sun. Designed to increase energy and enhance health, we felt like we were in good hands. In between snacking, we walked on the beach, played Kadima, jumped in the ocean and flipped through magazines. A very satisfying experience all around.

We tried their 2 new snack flavors Cacao Goji and Citrus Chia Superfoods. These tasty treats resemble bite-sized brownies and go down real easy. They’re deemed Superfoods cause they’re made from the most nutrient-dense plants found in nature such as: chia seeds, maca, lucumu powder and camu-camu — exotic organic superfoods sourced in South America. Other good attributes —  they’re USDA certified organic, gluten and dairy free, high in fiber & Vitamin C, provide antioxidants, and contain no refined sugar. They contain absolutely no artificial colors or sweeteners. Pure raw ingredients, freeze-dried to retain maximum nutrition.

These nuggets are comprised of a date paste base which keeps various organic powders, nuts and seeds mixed together. Cacao Goji has a distinct underlying chocolate flavor, but isn’t too sweet. Raisins, sesame seeds and sunflower seeds round out the deliciousness. Also refreshing and satisfying is Citrus Chia, which I’d recommend to anyone who loves a mix of coconut flakes, dried apricot, cashew and orange flavors.

The lightweight pouch is recyclable and perfect for those grab and go times; and the resealable top is ideal for saving more for later, which is what you’ll want to do, if you’re not sharing your snack with a crowd. Here’s why: each package contains 8 servings with 120 calories; 15 grams of carbs and only 2 or 3 grams of protein. Available for $8.99, which isn’t that pricey when you consider that each bag delivers 8 doses of tasty and nutritious snacks.

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