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93% recyclable chair by Herman Miller


Anyone who sits at a desk for most of their day can appreciate a nice comfy chair, yes? But what happens to it when it’s ready for the heave ho? Naturally, a cradle to cradle chair with the ability to leave no lasting imprint on the environment would be the ultimate. And the next best thing would be upcycling. But as far as we know, not a heck of a lot of upcycling is being done with office chairs these days so rather than have them sit in a landfill, another solution would be to recycle them. (more…)

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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Print A Forest – printing application supports reforestation


It is estimated that each year college students across the nation print out approximately 4 billion pieces of paper on campus. That doesn’t even take into consideration the amount that is printed off campus, or by other companies and businesses across the world. This means that college students in the United States are responsible for the clearing of about 530,000 trees every year. (more…)

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wednesday’s mixed bag of green news


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