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handmade, organic cotton, acorn baby hat


Here’s a cute, soft, organic cotton chapeau for that little ‘peanut’ of yours. Sized to fit the noggin of a 6-9 month old. Handmade by Adrienne Kinsella and sold at her Etsy shop for $19.50

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Monday, August 22, 2011

Indie organic tea – a tried and true green product review


We received a few samples of complimentary Indie Tea products for the purposes of this Tried and True Green Products Review…The free samples included an unusual item, a tea-based bath soak. Put to the test, here’s the verdict: whether you sip or soak, everything is aromatic and comforting – you drink in natural goodness…

Having sampled some of their hand-made teas previously, (December, 2010) I was no stranger to the Indie Tea scene. Each tea is a unique blend of certified organic ingredients – packed with tasty exotic flavors … now you may slip to far away places with each sip … or soak. (more…)

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Bernie Madoff pants become iPad covers


When convicted ponzie schemer Bernie Madoff went to jail, he lost his shirt, a lot of other people’s money… and, it turns out, his pants. John Vaccaro, founder of, saw the value of the discarded duds and snagged the pants, as well as some other items previously donned by Madoff, at auction. A selection of the famous threads were then upcycled into (somewhat mundane looking) iPad covers – as seen above. (more…)

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today’s mixed bag of green news


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