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Windham, NY – Hurricane Irene Hits Home


Having once owned a home in Windham, and with many of our friends still living in this beautiful area of the Catskills, we’re reeling from the news of the hurricane and sending positive vibrations to all. Hurricane Irene wreaked devastating damage to this sweet mountaintop town as well as nearby Prattsville, and many other historic towns throughout the Catskills.

In Windham, The Batavia Kill runs parallel to Main Street — it was overflowing yesterday with reportedly four feet of water making its way down the center of town. The South Street Bridge got rammed by a floating home, (above) school buses were drifting, cars crashed, homes and businesses are flooded and most, if not all, of the town is without power.


When you’re without power, and faced with highway and local road closings, trying to contact friends and family can be impossible. If you need any info about travel and conditions, or are trying to contact folks in the area, here are a few resources that may be of some help:

  • a great live-streaming blog with updates, photos, and local reports – set up by
  • New York State’s emergency services web page lists closures, power outage info, shelter locations and much more.
  • make a donation to help rebuild Windham @
  • another source of road closure info:
  • if you’re looking for someone check out the Red Cross’s
  • a site has been set up as a forum for relief efforts: Catskills Irene Relief Resources
  • has a map with road closings, detours and traffic updates
  • on Twitter get info through #catskills
  • here’s a Google map created to show bridge damage and road closings
  • locals can charge their cell phones at the Jewett Firehouse

Please provide any additional emergency info or links as a comment and we’ll add them to the list.

Local radio station WRIP (97.9 FM), serves as a hub for the local community. Although ISP service is currently down today, (no email or audio streaming), you can checkout their website for street closing and emergency travel info. Shout out to Guy and Jay. Phone 518 734 4747 if you need to contact the station.

photo credits: ABC News (top) and Karen Thompson (bottom – Main Street, across from Carole’s Gift Shop).

UPDATE: links to the various sites above were removed post-disaster relief.

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Monday, August 29, 2011

eco-friendly granite countertop cleaner


A Tried and True Green Product Review: we received a 3-pack of Supreme Surface Granite Cleaner & Conditioner + micro-fiber cloths for the purposes of this review. In a word, this stuff is amazing. We love it.

backstory – Did you know that your granite counter-tops need special care to keep them not only clean, but conditioned and protected? Neither did I, ’til recently. It explained a lot – now I understood why my kitchen countertops just didn’t seem to ever look shiny or feel clean. The surfaces always looked rather dull and streaky. So I went in search of an eco friendly solution. When I found Supreme Surface Cleaners – a 100% organic, non-toxic and food-safe option, I asked for a sample to try.

I’ve been using it for the past few days and it’s great. It claims to leave a streak-free shine – and it does. It claims to condition and protect against stains – and it does. No fingerprints. One application lasts a nice long while, too. My countertops really shine and look nourished. Like when you “feed wood” a good natural polish. Just spray Supreme Surface on the microfiber cloth and give that stone surface a good buff. Smells nice, too. (more…)

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upcycled seat belt wallet from interrobang


This handmade, double zipper wallet has all the features of a standard women’s wallet with one eco-friendly twist – it’s made entirely from upcycled seat belts. The wallet is stylishly compact, yet still large enough to carry all your essentials.

This wallet features: 16 card slots, 2 large and deep zippered pockets, 2 interior sections for notes, a magnetic snap. when closed the wallet measures 8″ long, 4.5″ deep and 0.75″ thick.

$45 from Australia-based Interrobang – ships everywhere

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green, biodegradable beach toys – Zoe B. Organic


Following the Fantastic Anti-Plastic Beach Tour …

Valerie Lecoeur, owner of Zoe B. Organic, took her family and another mother and child down the West Coast stopping at beaches along the way on what she termed her “Fantastic Anti-Plastic Beach Tour.” The group did beach clean ups along the way, got airtime on the local news stations and tried to raise awareness to the negative effects of the plastic that gets into our oceans.


(above) The green mom’s tour also allowed her to promote her product, the world’s first biodegradable beach toys, made right here in the USA. Within two to three years these toys will completely biodegrade as they are made of a corn sugar-based bioplastic. They look a little different than what we normally think of beach toys looking like but that can be a good thing. Different sparks conversation and gets people sharing information.

Link to Anti-Plastic Beach Tour video
Buy organic b toys on Amazon for $19.99

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monday’s eco news roundup


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