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eco fashion friday finds – october 14, 2011


(L to R, above) From Kaight in NYC, two beauties made in New York City: with enduring classic lines, Pleated Prokoiev Dress in surplus silk taffeta by Feral Childe ($265); and Collina Strada’s coveted Sierra Bag made exclusively for Kaight, from recycled canvas and a beautiful purple vegan leather ($345).


On a budget but looking to add a little dazzle is to your wardrobe? Accessorize – an affordable bauble, belt, scarf or hat can add a lot of sizzle without adding to your debt. EarthLover Shopping has Fair Trade, organic and recycled goods that fit the bill. We’re loving this Mosaic Hand Beaded Circle Bracelet $28. (more…)

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Friday, October 14, 2011

friday’s mixed bag of green news


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How EcoChi Found Me

We’d like to welcome our monthly Guest Contributor, Debra Duneier, creator of the EcoChi System, a new design approach for living to help you: establish and materialize your goals, nurture your health and bring you greater harmony and prosperity.

ecoChi author_1.jpg

I am often asked “why did you create the EcoChi® system and how did you do it?” Looking back it seems to me that the system created itself…and somehow found me.

My journey toward the “EcoChi” began when I worked for several years as a real estate broker for the Corcoran Group. I focused on residential real estate in Manhattan and specialized in unusual properties. I spent a lot of time with their owners, and got to know the human story of each space… Every property had a unique history and as I discovered, they also had a unique energy that impacted their inhabitants and visitors.


When I showed these properties to perspective buyers, I was always struck by their immediate physical and emotional reaction. You’ve all experienced this, whether you were looking at a potential place to live, or just walking into someone’s home, office or even a hotel room. There is a distinct feeling when we are in a space. Sometimes this energy would draw the buyers in…and other times it seemed to scare them away. I now know that we are influenced by our environments and that the air, lighting, rugs, plants, furniture, colors…. everything we see, smell, touch and hear in a space affects us in a profound way. Feng shui addresses the energy and flow of interiors and studying this intuitive art was the first step toward inventing “EcoChi.”

The second step of my EcoChi journey began when I purchased a small house on Long Island. The house had few creature comforts and had not been updated in 40 years! This little house was in the woods, surrounded by trees, birds and animals of all sizes and sits less than ¼ mile from the long island sound. I spent many (more…)

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natural beauty care for skin and hair


A personal time-out with Whole Living (formerly, Body + Soul) … early this morning I was catching up with the October issue and got a sneak peek at November. In addition to quick, nutritious meals we can prep in minutes, I was drawn to the editorial on how we can take care of our bodies as we age. Also, I thought I might try these 5 hair and skincare products featured just last month:

Organic Indulgence Orchard Pear & Fig Body Balm – fights free radicals with a moisturizing super-fruit mix of goji and acai berries $5

Kiss My Face Olive & Aloe Soap Bar, $3

Aubrey Organics Rosa Mosqueta Body Wash – with St. John’s Wort, this calming herb has anti-inflammatory properties that reduce redness and irritation … ultra moisturizing $11. (more…)

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