The whole “Occupy Wall Street” movement may revitalize more than our political system – I’m now predicting a re-energizing of the hippie-chic fashion genre. All politics aside, winter’s fast approach makes the purchase of a pair cozy slippers a worthy and practical undertaking. The “house shoes” (pictured above and below) are handmade by Israeli artisan Lena Maikon, who hand-crochets shoes, clothes and decorative items from her own designs.


Her made-to-order, rustic, hippie-style “house shoes” are offered in a variety of colors and materials including: bamboo-wool, wool and organic cotton.


The slippers, which feature a naturally-colored, soft felted insole are custom-fitted to the buyer’s shoe size and color specifications.

For men, women or children, the house shoes/slippers range in price from $39 to $85 and can be purchased at Lena’s Leninka Etsy shop. Made to order in one to two weeks.

  • Note: Lena is offering a 10% discount on all the items listed in her shop to Altcon readers who mention this post.