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flirty eco wedding dresses from Minna


With no formal training in fashion, Finnish designer Minna Hepburn married her love for vintage clothing to her passion for creating unique tops and fashioned a full-fledged, award-winning business label, Minna. Her collections are hand embellished and finely crafted from sustainable, organic, recycled and locally produced textiles. In keeping with an ethical aesthetic, she employs zero waste pattern cutting techniques for every garment and uses local manufacturing in her diligent efforts to minimize environmental impact of her various collections.


Brides-to-be can even have love notes, a wedding date or anything their heart desires hand-embroidered on her dress, and some styles, like Dorothy just above, are suitable for those who already may be sporting a baby bump. Included in her wedding collection are a few gowns, but who says you must wear a full-length dress? You can still look elegant, lovely and perhaps a little flirty in a cocktail-length or even shorter style.

Although dubbed an eco-luxe line, I think her work is reasonably priced and has broad consumer appeal, reaching beyond the eco-minded set. Minna also offers free shipping worldwide, a nice touch. find more @

photos from top above:  Selena, £250.00 and Dorothy, £375.00

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Monday, October 24, 2011

renewable cork furniture – mosaic forest sideboard


Philadelphia-based Michael Iannone and his Iannone Design company specialize in designing and building eco-friendly furniture.

Their “Cork Mosaic Forest” sideboard, (photo above) is made with FSC and CARB 2 certified walnut and maple plywood, locally sourced walnut lumber and sustainably-harvested, renewable cork. The front panel features a lovely forest scene done in cork. The piece is finished by hand with a natural oil-based finish.

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monday’s mixed bag of green news


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