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anenome sculpture from recycled paper towel rolls


Reduce, reuse, recycle takes hold in the art world…This elegant “Anenome” sculpture (above) was created by cutting recycled paper towel rolls into thirds and hand-painting them with an old sponge brush.

The artist, Erika, creates collages and sculptures from an eclectic array of found materials … @

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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

packing a waste-free school lunch – 7 reusable options

It seems many schools are taking a more thoughtful approach to managing waste, and as part of their eco-conscious efforts some are banning single serving packaged items from packed lunches. So the trick is how to pack lunch and snack items without using plastic. Opting for safe (BPA-free) reusable packing solutions is a positive move on so many fronts, it not only cuts down on the amount of trash, but also

  • saves you money
  • promotes healthier eating
  • instills in your children an awareness of the impact purchasing & disposing of products has on the environment
  • reflects the responsibility we have to take care of our personal health and that of the planet.

Whether dictated by school policy or not, the healthy and eco benefits far outweigh the minor inconvenience … we’ve outlined our Top 7 reusable and plastic-free, lunch packing alternatives to help you stay the course:



happy_stainless_steel.jpg (more…)

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wednesday’s mixed bag of green news


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