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some simple steps to stay warm and lower your home heating bill


You’ve just escaped from the cold and chilly outside world that is 17 degrees Fahrenheit. To say that you are frozen would be an understatement. Your fingers feel like they are about to fall off as your body chatters its way into the comfort of your home. So, let’s crank up that thermostat! Think again.

The following are some eco-friendly tips on how to waste less heat while keeping your body nice and toasty:

  • iStock_000004851573XSmall_1_1_1.jpgTurn down your thermostat while sleeping or when away from your home. According to the Department of Energy, anywhere from 5% to 15% of your annual heating bill can be saved just by turning down your thermostat by 10-15 degrees for a period of 8 hours.
  • Install a programmable thermostat. If you live in an apartment, talk to your landlord about the benefits and cost savings these devices provide. A programmable thermostat will automatically adjust the heating and cooling temperatures for your living space according to the hours of your own choosing. See Energy Star’s page about the three different types of programmable thermostats. (more…)
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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

today’s mixed bag of green news


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sending a message through art: hazel bryce’s recycled paper mache seahorse

Artist Hazel Bryce took six years to complete her incredibly intricate paper maché “Seahorse” sculpture. Below is a vdeo interview with the artist.

YouTube Preview Image

The artist covered pieces of trash and industrial waste with shreds of the Financial Times newspaper to form the cacophononous sea of words that comprise the Seahorse’s surface.



Bryce created the Seahorse to pose questions to anyone viewing the piece. The Seahorse symbolizes the challenges faced by many creatures in today’s environment – a world too often dominated by waste, greed and excess.

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Via: recyclart

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