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occupy wall street green gift guide


With the weather turning colder and the economy showing little, if any, heat, more and more folks may be hitting their local streets as part of the Occupy Wall Street movement. We thought we’d put together a fun list of items to make protesting a more pleasantly green and productive enterprise. Below we’ve listed a few green gift ideas for the protester in your household:

  • solarradio.jpgNo lights, no electricity, no TV…no problemo!  The Etón American Red Cross Microlink radio and flashlight features a multi-band radio that can be charged via hand-crank, solar cell or USB port. The radio features AM/FM and seven NOAA All-Hazard Alert and weather channels. Additional features include: cell phone charging capabilities and a handy LED flashlight.
  • occupytshirt.jpgBuy your protester a t-shirt that will clearly proclaim their support, affection and affiliation with the Occupy movement. This shirt, made by Colorado-based Occupy Shirts, is made of green stuff too – combed ring spun organic cotton and post-consumer P.E.T. recycled polyester. Occupy Shirts donates proceeds to the city of your choice and the tee costs a very reasonable $20.
  • solarshower_1.jpgHygiene is a major issue for any long term, outdoor occupation and protesters always make a better impression on reporters and media types when they smell like a fresh mountain breeze instead of a urine-soaked billygoat. The solar shower (pictured at right) can provide a quick cleansing spritz before that next on-camera opportunity. The shower holds five gallons of H2O which it heats via a small integrated solar panel.
  • Hot food is always a mood lifter in an outdoor protest situation and, given the fact that most police and fire departments frown on open fires in public places, innovative cooking solutions are probably required. global_sun_oven.jpgOne option, go all Ed Begley Jr. and break out a solar cooker like the one pictured on the right – all you need is some strong sunlight and a little bit of time…a commodity that, unfortunately, may be in great supply.

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Monday, November 14, 2011

shop eco goods – affordable eco-friendly shopping

This week we’re featuring great products that are made of recycled and upcycled material. (America Recycles Day is tomorrow).



We love … AltCon readers receive an exclusive 20% off on all purchases by entering code AC20 at checkout. Rather than showcase items made of BPA-filled plastic and non-renewable resources, their beautiful selection is comprised of biodegradable materials and/or materials that have been recycled – helping to keep things like plastic yogurt cups and milk jugs out of our landfills. (All items pictured above are created from recycled materials.)


Prices are affordable, and with eco-conscious collections of useful items for you, your family and your home – it’s a wonderful go-to source for essentials and gift-buying year-round. New to the lineup is an awesome new composter. You’ll also find Olive Green Dog shampoo and healthy pet snacks, home decor, personal care items, cool gifts and lots more. (Spoon rests, above, are made of biodegradable bamboo fiber, only $1.99/each) @…use code AC20 at checkout.

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ecomonday green news roundup


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