Festive Tree is small, New Hampshire-based,  innovative design company that provides stylish alternatives to the traditional Christmas tree. Larger than a typical tabletop tree (these are roughly 3 feet tall), a Festive Tree can serve as your primary holiday tree or a stylish, space-saving holiday tree for your second home or apartment.

tabletopfestivetree3.jpgCrafted from genuine wood, these heirloom quality, modern designs are a smart alternative to artificial trees that are oftentimes made in China and contain hazardous lead, polyvinyl chloride and other hazardous chemicals. Although we’re fans of “real trees” when they’re grown locally and either potted, or disposed of in an eco-conscious manner — many farm-grown evergreen trees are trucked hundreds, if not thousands of miles, only to end up on a landfill.

Festive Trees trees come in three styles ranging in price from $195 to $250. If that seems expensive, remember these trees can last a lifetime, unlike real trees which are a costly yearly expense.

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