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friday’s eco-fashion finds – winter wear

Are you listening, Santa? Winter wonderland fashion finds for the sustainably chic …


(above L to R) Great silhouettes: Urbane Jacket, waterproof & breathable $206.50 and 3/4 Cocoon Trench $300 @


(above L to R) Chili Red Asymmetrical Zip $99 and Rose Hooded Serape $125 @


(above L to R) Organic wool pullover V-neck and Lightweight Crewneck sweater from –  use code Friends11 to receive 20% off + free shipping.


(above) Made in San Francisco … scarves for lovers who can’t keep their hands off each other come rain, wind, snow … playful Tug Ties, Hug Ties and Connect styles for hand-holding types – all made from recycled bottles @ also available in color reverse – black scarf & red mitts. $39


(above) Oh, yes! Versatile and available in a smart array of colors – NFP Sleeve Shrug $143 from NYC-based eco-boutique, – limited time discount: use coupon code 12days at checkout for 25% off.

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Friday, December 16, 2011

biodynamic red wine – Beckmen Vineyards Syrah – a tried and true green product review


About 12 years ago, I wrapped up a business trip in San Francisco and headed north on a 4-day wine tasting trip through Napa and the surrounding area with 3 girlfriends. It was May … the land and sky were springtime fresh … and so were we. Needless to say it was a trip like none other.

Because of that vineyard touring experience I have a greater appreciation for not only wine tasting, but also what it takes to grow and harvest grapes, and make fine wine. Coupled with a cursory knowledge Rudolf Steiner’s biodynamic farming – I’m pretty much in awe of anyone who has a reputation for producing world-class organic wine. Which brings me to the topic of today’s Tried and True Review: Beckmen Vineyards – a California based biodynamic wine producer.

syrah.jpgLast night the hub and I had the pleasure of dipping into a new bottle of Syrah: Beckmen Vineyards 2009 Estate Syrah from Santa Ynez Valley.

Our taste buds were treated to a warm, rich blast of deliciousness. Lush, wonderful berry flavors. Topped with a beautiful finish. Neither too sweet nor tart.

Unlike some other reds, there’s no accompanying dry-mouth or parched throat sensation. Just a desire to relax and sip more.

(retails for $25)

backstory: Tom Beckmen purchased a 365 acre hillside property overlooking the Santa Ynez Valley in 1996. This land soon became Purisima Mountain Vineyard, producing world-class Rhone varietals.

In 2006, Tom’s son, Steve Beckmen, began farming Purisima Mountain Vineyard 100 percent biodynamically. “Our goal,” says Steve, “is to always get better and better. Biodynamics allows us to achieve the purest possible expression of our Purisima Mountain Vineyard terroir, which is at the very heart of our winegrowing philosophy. Since we’ve gone biodynamic, we have produced some of our best wines ever.”


Based on the pioneering 1920s work of scientist Rudolf Steiner, biodynamic farming offers a proactive and holistic approach to farming. By treating vineyards as complete and self-replenishing systems, biodynamic farming naturally builds soil life and vitality, while defending against pests and disease. Often confused with both organic and sustainable farming practices, biodynamic farming meets the criteria of both, while focusing on a unique set of eight naturally derived non-chemical soil and plant treatments. (more…)

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friday’s mixed bag of green news

green sunlit forest

green forest photo via

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