Note: for the purposes of this review Eco Touch provided us a complimentary Wash and Wax Kit.

The traditional driveway car wash uses an average of 20 + gallons of water and sends all manner of chemicals, soaps and non-biodegradable materials into lawns, storm drains and local waterways. A neat alternative – the Eco Touch Waterless Car Wash. Do the planet and your car a solid – try this waterless car wash product and wax. waterlessecocarwash1.jpgEco Touch makes their car care products with natural, plant-based, biodegradable ingredients and they actually work. The Eco Touch products contain no parabens, phosphates, dyes or alcohol. A key to their car wash’s effectiveness is its combination of plant-derived surfactants that lift the dirt away from the car’s finish and Eco Touch’s micro fiber towels (machine-washable and totally reusable) that really suck up dirt.


The test: I recently waited until my car was appropriately grungy from sitting in an open air garage adjacent to our local commuter train station. The vehicle was coated with a nice combo of grit and grime: blotchy black soot from the diesel trains, a variety of dead love bugs, assorted other insects and general road effluvium. I sprayed the Waterless Car Wash product on the car one section at a time, removing the dirt with one cloth to soak up the grime and quickly using a dry, clean micro fiber towel to buff and shine. Tough dirt and sticky bugs required an extra spritz. The end result was an impressively clean, shiny car. The natural polymers in the product leave a nice protective finish. End result: a clean car, streak-free windows and clean rims.

I also applied the Quick Wax product which contains carnauba wax emulsion and beeswax for an extra layer of shine and protection. When all was said and done, the car really looked great. I ended up using about a third of the 24oz bottles – so I figure to get roughly, 3 washes per bottle. If your car is particularly dirty you may want to quickly hose it down before using the waterless car wash – these products aren’t cheap.

Another nice feature is that the car wash works on all exterior car surfaces, including glass and wheels. The Eco Touch Waterless Wash and Wax Kit contains: a 24oz container of Waterless Car Wash and Quick Wax with 2-pack of micro fiber towels all for $34.95 @ ecotouch.net

Note: In addition to its Waterless Car Wash Eco Touch makes a complete line of earth-friendly interior and exterior car care products.