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mind control: BodyWave technology allows your mind to control a PC

Here’s something different – a technology that allows the user to control a computer by mind alone via a small armband sensor.  A wearable technology called BodyWave from Freer Logic can enable the wearer to determine if he/she is being inattentive or distracted while driving; or know exactly when to swing a golf club for optimum performance and results.

bodywave.jpgBodyWave reads brain activity through the human body, not by intrusive headsets and wires like technologies of the past, but via an innovative brainwave monitor that attaches to the arm or leg. BodyWave’s patent-pending design monitors the brain’s physiologic signal through the body. Dry sensors acquire the brain signal and transfer it wirelessly to a PC. When BodyWave is used with Freer Logic’s 3D computer simulations, it can activate and deactivate those computer simulations by mind alone. It can also teach stress control, increase attention, and facilitate peak performance. (more…)

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Monday, January 9, 2012

social media shower curtain – what the frack?


For the truly facebook-obsessed – a faux facebook profile to surround you while you’re in the shower … too bad it’s not made out of an earth-friendly material. available in February £14.99 @

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monday’s mixed bag of green news


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upcycled elegance – gold cereja necklace


Time to accessorize. This 3-strand woven necklace is made with opulently gold upcycled remnant wood beads and flex wire. Color and water-sealed – the necklace is approximately 21″ in length, with a 2″ extender chain. (more…)

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