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Friday, January 13, 2012

friday’s eco-fashion finds: 5 easy pieces


Handmade, vintage and one of a kind – what’s not to like? This lovely handmade necklace (pictured above) from Authentique Design features a collection of vintage brass and copper flowers, up to 100 years old. The metal flowers are combined with and beautifully and accented by, turquoise stones. To create this one of a kind piece, a turquoise ring of stones was handmade and added just off the center. The total length of this piece is 18 inches.


Lithuanian style – these “Ecological handmade felt slippers” (pictured above and below) are made of Skudden sheep wool and Lithuanian linen. The wool is said to massage one’s feet whilst stimulating blood circulation in a manner much like acupuncture, improving, both your skin, and neural system. The insulating wool fibers will warm your feet on a cold day and cool them on a hot one. The slippers are offered with either cork or natural latex soles and can be worn indoors and outdoors.


Green note from the shoemaker: This felting is a long and earth-friendly process, whereby wool is felt to a solid structure using just clean water, soap and a dose of  warm, good energy and intentions. All work is done by hand, using local resources. During carding process, the wool is washed and cleaned without chemical treatment; (not carbonized), it’s un-bleached, un-dyed natural fleece. Handmade by Inga Samusiene in Lithuania. $75 @ the ingOOte Etsy shop.


(photo above) Let’s talk alpaca: warm, luxurious, renewable alpaca. The stylish Kanvas Coat from Kuna is 60% alpaca and 40% wool. On sale for $336.99 @


You may be aware of fabulous eco-jewelry by Alex and Ani – if not – here’s an introduction. The designers’ Caravan Set of 6 bracelets come in various combinations in Russian gold and silver. The bracelets are made in the USA from recycled metals and scraps from local mills. Visit Alex and Ani.

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