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smaller is better – organic cotton iPad messenger bag


This compact messenger bag serves as the perfect container for transporting your netbook or iPad. Nice and tailored, it’s a tasty exterior of chocolate (color) that’s handsomely crafted from organic cotton canvas, and lined with sunny yellow organic cotton. Kick up your eco quotient as you journey to your next meeting looking stylish and streamlined.

$75 @ Bag Du Jour’s Cargoh shop

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Monday, January 23, 2012

today’s mixed bag of green news


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alternative energy – Searaser wave energy device powers on-shore turbine

YouTube Preview Image


British inventor, Alvin Smith, and the British energy company, Ecotricity, are developing a new wave energy device called the Searaser to create electricity by harnessing the power of ocean swells. The basic device consists of (see the video above) a vertical piston between two buoys — one on the surface of the water, the other suspended underwater and tethered to the seabed.

As the ocean waves activate the buoys up and down, the piston works like a bicycle pump – sending seawater through a pipe either directly to an onshore turbine, or to a coastal water storage reservoir that can then release the water to turn the hydro-electric turbine and generate electricity on demand.


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