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electric vehicles – park, plug-in, and go – repeat.


Remember how high the initial demand was for hybrid vehicles? Now the growing demand for pure electric vehicles (EVs), is making things even more hectic. It’s a good thing the number of electric car charging stations is rising too.


Nationwide there are currently twice as many charging stations (roughly 4,500) as there are E-85 ethanol stations, with the government finalizing a proposal to expand the number to nearly 14,000 in the near future. (more…)

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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

very crafty – wool felted home decor – craftedsystems




Designer Aurelie Tu created her company, CraftedSystems, to celebrate modern handcrafted design and manufacturing. Her wool felted home decor items aren’t produced by a few highly skilled artisans, or a soulless automated manufacturing process – she partners with a Portland, Oregon YWCA women’s shelter to manufacture her products.


Tu combines award-winning design, innovative weaving techniques and an enriching collective manufacturing process to create compelling, modern, home decor products. CraftedSystems’ collections include a colorful selection of felt vessels, table pieces, lights, floor and wall systems.


The company’s pieces are uniquely woven from 100% natural wool felt and assembled by hand. The wool raw material creates naturally textured surfaces with varying degrees of dimension and lift. Each piece juxtaposes geometric modern design with a warm, hand-crafted quality.

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a mixed bag of green news


rhino photo via

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