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eco-fashion friday finds – an eclectic mix


Swedish designer Helena Fredriksson creates modern, elegant and classic garments (see photos above) that feature gorgeous draping. Her fusion of the romantic and the mysterious is seen juxtaposed in a soft color palette with both oversized and body tailored designs. Believing in sustainable consciousness, Helena produces her pieces locally, in Brooklyn, NY, and uses only the finest, eco-friendly fabrics to create her Bergman inspired collection.

See more of the H Fredriksson line @ where many of the dresses are now on sale.


(above) Is your honey the literary type? If so, one of these lovely bracelets made from recycled letterpress type might make the perfect Valentine’s Day gift.  $95 @ the nBreed Supermarket shop


Not every guy- or gal – can pull-off wearing a bow tie, but for those who can, these handcrafted adornments are made in limited numbers using recycled fabric remnants, vintage deadstock or special found fabrics. The bow ties must be hand tied – a small price to pay for this level of style. They’re adjustable in length and feature discrete hardware.  $68 @


Handcrafted in wooden-eyewear-specialist Shwood’s Portland, Oregon woodshop, these snazzy Canby sunglasses feature a timeless design. The wooden frames come in a choice of Cherry, East Indian Rosewood, or Zebrawood – all sustainably sourced from authorized and supervised plantations in different African countries. The shades feature Carl Zeiss or polarized lenses that offer 100% UVA/UVB protection and lots of style.

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Friday, February 3, 2012

How to Get through Valentine’s Day Alone


The message is all around us and the Beatles said it so well, “all you need is love.” As we approach Valentine’s Day couples make plans for a romantic evening together. Restaurant reservations are confirmed, flowers are delivered, cards sent and chocolates presented with a big red bow.  How can those of us who are flying solo get through the day without feeling lonely, rejected or just plain unworthy of romance? EcoChi reminds us that love comes in many forms…

  • Love of self – Schedule a pedicure at a local salon. The winter can be tough on your feet so soak, moisturize and sit back and enjoy the foot massage. Choose a red nail polish to attract passion in your life or a soft pink or mauve to attract a kind and gentle lover.
  • Love of Friends and Family – Plan a gathering in your home. Express your love with recipes that are a proven crowd pleaser. Most people would rather enjoy an old favorite than a new recipe. Comfort food like mac’n’cheese, hamburger sliders, coconut shrimp and chocolate chip cookies are sure to make everyone feel loved.
  • Love of Community – Serve a meal at a local hospital or soup kitchen. Share your big heart with those in need and the result is an unexpected gift to yourself.
  • Love of worship, prayer and spirituality – Studies have shown that people who have a place that they regularly visit for worship, prayer or spiritual practice have a feeling of belonging. This sense of connectivity and fulfillment can improve one’s health and leads to a happier and sometimes longer life.
  • Love of Mother Earth – Take a walk outdoors, open your arms to the heavens and feel the magnificence of the universe. Gather pine cones, acorns or stones and put them in a bowl-bringing nature indoors. Light a candle (healthy choices are bee’s wax or soy), play calming music and meditate and then jot down your thoughts in a personal journal.

Connect with the love that lives within you on Valentine’s Day. Treat yourself with kindness. Splurge on fresh flowers and place them in a vase and showcase them in a place where you can enjoy their beauty. Break out a box of chocolates, get cozy with a book or favorite movie and celebrate the life you love!

Debra Duneier is an accredited LEED Green Associate, Certified Eco-Designer, Feng Shui Master Practitioner and Author of EcoChi: Designing The Human Experience. For more about EcoChi and Debra visit

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photo credit: heart island

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eco news roundup


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