Ah, the day in which hearts are most associated is soon upon us. For those with significant others, the following are just a few alternative gift suggestions that may guide you away from standard diamonds and chocolates.

Check out uncommongoods.com. They offer an assortment of really cool gifts.

  • Missing Piece Puzzle Necklace (photo at top) – These two pieces of jewelry may make you sigh, “Awww.” Granted none of the material is made from recycled goods. But each piece is handmade. Combined together, the two necklaces fit exactly like a puzzle and read, “You are the missing piece to my puzzle.” Note: if the chain is too short, just add your own.


  • Cymbal of Love Pendant (photo above) – Wound recycled guitar strings and broken drum cymbals make up the circle surrounding the heart and the heart, itself.
  • Upcycled card cases – This unique card case features the inspirational words, “Live your dream.” Discarded plastics and newspapers make up the card case’s colorful look. What better way is there to show how much you care than to acknowledge that person’s dream(s)?

If your sweetheart trends to the “sweeter” side of Valentine’s Day, take a gander at these lovely websites for some organic chocolate.

  • Sweet Earth Organic Chocolates – Some of their Valentine gift sets even have a vegan option—perfect if you have a vegan lover! Disclaimer: Sweet Earth Organic Chocolate truffles are not vegan, but they do look delicious. Fair Trade: Yes.
  • Rose_City_Chocolates_pic.jpgRose City Chocolatier – They have vegan truffles. Actually, they have just about ‘vegan everything’ regarding chocolates. All of their chocolates are made from fresh natural ingredients – the boxes that these chocolates come in as Valentine gift sets are simply adorable. If you check out their website, you’ll see that one of the lids to their boxes is dressed like a tuxedo suit—fancy. Fair Trade: Unknown.

I hope your Valentine’s Day is a memorable one!