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recycled sterling silver bark ring – it’s personal


Rustic chic. Allison Cecil makes these woodsy, personalized bark rings out of 100% recycled sterling silver. Depending on your ‘crunchy’ quotient they could even serve quite nicely as wedding bands.

$104 (one ring) @ themonkeysalwayslook Etsy shop

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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

HotLips Soda creates another hit


HotLips is a hot soda pop brand, family-run and located in Portland, Oregon. They’ve been concocting fruit-based batches of refreshing bubbly since 2005 – hotlips2.jpgsourcing locally grown fruit, refining the processing & manufacturing, rolling out new flavors, expanding distribution, and listening to customer’s requests for “less tiny seeds in the strawberry, please.”

We recently had the opportunity to test their latest handcrafted flavor, Cranberry – it’s a hit in our book. How do they do it? Fresh batches of Stevens and Yellow River varieties of cranberries from Seaview Farms arrive at HOTLIPS bottling plant in Newberg, Oregon. The berries are cooked in kettles, blended with NW grown pear juice for a happy dose of light sweetening (no other sugar is added), then it’s lightly carbonated and pasteurized. The fruit-derived soda is distributed in bottles made from 80% recycled, locally sourced glass. Just twist off the cap and Voila! Instant fruity refreshment.

We’ve drunk it straight and are happy to report that it doesn’t leave one’s mouth feeling dry or parched, like a “whole” cranberry juice can. The tartness of the cranberry is well balanced by the addition of pear juice delivering a dose of sweetness that we seem to desire when drinking soda. The carbonation also adds a nice level of sparkling hydration and refreshment, too.

Vodka lovers that we are, we also added Cranberry Soda to a shot of vodka and added a twist of lime. Very fine.

Not for bargain hunters – this handcrafted soda pop retails for $2.75/each or a 6-pack for $11; (when you buy a 6-pack, you can mix & match flavors).

full disclosure: we received a complimentary 6-pack for the purposes of this trial, no strings attached.

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today’s mixed bag of green news


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