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Clouds and Green Tea


The morning of my flight to New York from Tokyo my daughter, Danielle and I had a reservation to experience a traditional Japanese tea ceremony. Much to our surprise we found ourselves at the Kooman Cultural Center, for a private lesson on the traditions and expected behaviors for the formal tea ceremony. This ritual is a social event and a time to clear one’s mind of the outside world. The objective is to create a moment in time for peace, harmony and calm for the guests. It is a meditation of being and an appreciation of the tea, the host and the environment. This includes admiring the room, artwork, and tea cups. We learned that the powdered green tea has a fascinating history and is used for medicinal purposes as well as enjoyment.

As the honored guest, it was my privilege to open the sliding Shoji doors and be the first to place my naked feet upon the matted floor. Centered on the wall before me (which would be considered the “Red Bird” in Feng Shui) was a work of art. It was an (more…)

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Thursday, February 9, 2012

could sulfate particles be used to reverse climate change?


Change is always most effective and least damaging as a gradual process. Take the environment for example. Rapid, unexpected changes in the climate can cause the endangerment and extinction of unprepared, vulnerable species of organisms. Life on Earth has been honed for billions of years via the process of evolution and has adapted to very specific conditions. Change those conditions suddenly and all hell breaks loose. The effects of the current global climate change are certainly harmful and must be addressed, but some of the remedies may only add to the problem. One of these so called solutions is the concept of artificially infusing the stratosphere with sulfate particles.  (more…)

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earth blocks – the greener legos


Looking for an alternative to plastic LEGOS? Look no further than Earth Blocks, the more organic building block. earthblocks3_1.jpgThe blocks, which snap together like traditional LEGOS, are made from a variety of natural and recycled materials, including the bark of the cedar tree, compressed dust from sawn cedar logs, and coffee beans.

Due to their organic content the blocks are slightly softer than traditional LEGOS, though much… much greener.

Created by Colors Tokyo.

$30 a set @ the guggenheim online store

via: designboom

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