or, Kayla’s Alternative Chocolate Making Adventure

So maybe you’ve decided that this Valentine’s Day you want to make your own chocolate treats a la organic or vegan style. Well, as someone who has never even baked a cake, I grew curious about the level of difficulty such a feat may entail. So, I scoured the internet for some fun, cool alternative chocolate sweet recipes.

  • Just Joe Fudge: This is fudge that I have deemed, “To DIE for” and ideal for anyone who lives near a Trader Joe’s. The steps to making this fudge are really easy (again, first time fudge maker here) and you can use the store’s organic sweetened condensed milk. The recipe also calls for a pound Plus Semisweet Chocolate Bar (imported from Belgium!). Honestly, I’m not positive if the Semisweet Chocolate Bar is the equivalent to the Pound Plus 72% Chocolate Bar. But, I opted to use the 72% and I am very pleased with the dark chocolate taste.  (more…)