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eco-art: Seed Pod solar sculpture


Artist Deedee Morrison specializes in large public works made of aluminum, steel, limestone, Lucite and solar powered light. Her latest installation, the Seed-Pod, was recently erected in Chattanooga, Tennessee’s Renaissance Park in partnership with Publict Art Chattanooga.

Seed-Pod consists of eighty-four aluminum and colored Lucite panels, laser cut and re-fabricated to create an eye-catching solar sculpture. Deedee_Morrison_Seed_Pod_Chattanooga_4_1.jpgThe 8ʼ x 12ʼ Seed-Pod design was inspired by Deedee’s study of organic forms and the geometric principles that determine their patterns and structures.

Seed-Pod is a visual display of the power and energy thatʼs available every day from a single solar panelʼs relationship with the sun. The color scheme of the Seed-Pod sculpture mirrors the vibrant yellow hues of the sun. Adjacent to the Seed-Pod sculpture is an 18ft. solar tower that, like plants, collects and stores the energy released from the sun.

We previously posted about Deedee’s Sun-Catcher solar sculpture.

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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Sustainable Shopping: Walmart and Target go head to head on environmental issues


Balancing sustainability with profitability can make the difference between a successful company and complete failure. It can also have a large impact on the health of the environment. This is especially the case with companies as big as Walmart and Target. Managing sustainability goals for a company as big as these retail behemoths is a challenging, yet important job. Considering company policies, Walmart subjectively takes the ‘eco-friendly cake” on business sustainability when compared to Target.  (more…)

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