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Claire’s on Cedros: A Sustainable Brunch


Located in Solana Beach California, Claire’s on Cedros is a delicious, organic, casual breakfast and lunch restaurant. What makes Claire’s so unique is the building in which it operates.  37% of the energy needed to run the restaurant is obtained through solar panels on-site, and light-colored materials were used in order to minimize air conditioning use. Claire’s is located in a biking and walking friendly area, with preferred parking for eco-friendly vehicles and carpoolers. To reduce the need for new materials, Claire’s used recycled blue jeans as insulation.  (more…)

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Monday, February 20, 2012

getting a charge out of solar powered clothing


Geek-o-rama – in a few years people will look back at this and say OMG, what were they thinking? An early attempt at multi-functional eco-fashion …duds are intended to charge portable devices. Someday soon we’ll all be soaking up the rays and waltzing around in solar-powered clothing that’s stylish and affordable.

fashion and photo credit: silvr; hooded vest $620.

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eco news roundup


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