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eye-catching reclaimed wood wall


Designer Sarah Reiss makes custom, reclaimed wood walls that express character, history and innate funkiness. Featured in the photos above and below is a wall created by Sarah and her Blue Stocking Studio in Dallas.


This particular custom wall features reclaimed gymnasium flooring, siding, shiplap, and bits of other reclaimed wooden flotsam.


Blue Stocking Studio charges around $3,000 for a medium-size wall. Each custom wall is unique to the customer’s area and local wood availability. Shipping costs vary according to the availability of lumber in your area.

Order a wall @ the randrdesignworks Etsy shop.

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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Amazing Grass USDA Organic Green SuperFood: a tried and true review


Amazing Grass is a company focused on providing certified organic whole food based on grass – real 100% organic, whole leaf wheat grass, one of the most potent leafy greens available. They combine wheat grass with Barley grass and Alfalfa as well as a blend of plant-based proteins, phytonutrients and veggies, digestive enzymes and probiotics – and offer it in either powdered form for you to add to a beverage to energize and start your day. Or you can grab a handy energy bar – packed with a grass base – to stay satiated while on the go.



We had the opportunity to taste a variety of their Green SuperFood Energy Bars, and here’s what we think: we like Berry and Chocolate A LOT! They’re very tasty and satisfying. They’re so satiating that some days I’d have one for lunch. Other days I’d crave something good to eat at about 4pm and reach for only half-a-bar. (They’re easy to split with a pal or save for another time.) Peanut Butter and Plain were not our faves.

The Chocolate Whole Foods Energy Bar is yummy, almost like a dessert. The crazy combo of diverse organic ingredients like dates, agave nectar, spinach, broccoli, acai, dried cranberries, pineapple, pumpkin seeds, cashews, sunflower seeds, acidophilus & more, covered in dark chocolate sounds wacky but is tasty and energizing. Accompanied by either water or a hot brew and I could coast til dinner. Chocolate contains 230 calories, 5 grams of protein and 37 grams of carbs.


More about Amazing Grass Organic Green SuperFood Energy Bars, they’re

  • raw
  • cold pressed
  • alkaline & gluten-free
  • dairy-free
  • vegan
  • non-GMO
  • Fair Trade
  • made with organic grass grown in Kansas

Learn all about them @ Amazing Grass Green SuperFoods; find in your local Whole Foods Market.

full disclosure: we received 8 Green SuperFood Energy Bars for the purposes of this Tried and True Green Product Review … no strings attached.

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the motorcycle evolved: the electric, gyroscopic C-1 Motorbike


The divide between car and motorcycle has proven to be definitive over time. Cars are the standard choice for transportation regardless of the situation since they provide the safety, space, and ease of maneuverability that motorcycles traditionally can’t match. Well, Lit Motors and more specifically designer Daniel Kim, aim to bridge the gap between two drastically different modes of transportation.


Enter the C-1 prototype, a fully framed, all electric motorcycle that features a newly developed gyroscopic technology which allows the vehicle to remain balanced and upright while not in use and even in the event of a collision. The motorcycle will have a full battery range of approximately 200 miles, while being able to reach tops speeds of 120 miles per hour.


The inspiration for the motorcycle stemmed from Kim’s travels across the world. Kim noticed the congestion in heavily populated urban areas and was inspired to design a solution. According to Kim, it is not about tailoring to a new market, but rather catering to one that already exists — the upwards of 200 million people worldwide who are motorcyclists: “We’re creating a safe motorcycle, and that’s never been done in the way that were doing it, where it’s also incredibly efficient.”Lit_Motors_C_1_Electric_Motorcycle_Inside.jpg

Pricing for the C-1 is expected to be around $16,000, and if things go smoothly with production, this versatile vehicle could be seen on the streets sometime in 2014.

Kim ultimately hopes that the C-1 will be suitable for many as their primary mode of transportation.

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