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Charging Your Electric Vehicle Wirelessly


If the Nissan LEAF didn’t already have enough shock value, consider this, the LEAF can now come with its own wireless charging pad. The pad will be offered as an option in Japan on the 2013 models (and in the U.S. and elsewhere sometime later). Instead of plugging in with a wire charger for a recharge, all you would have to do is simply drive the LEAF over a Nissan designed pad and your car’s battery will charge automatically.


This wireless charger operates by electromagnetic induction, drawing power from a recharging coil in the pad and feeding it into contacts inside the vehicle. In addition to being safer than plugging the vehicle into a socket, the charger offers great convenience to EV drivers. Owners can park their car on the pad, leave it over night and have a fully charged vehicle in the morning.

This innovative system will charge a LEAF in approximately eight hours and is roughly 90 percent as efficient in power transmission as a cable/plug-in system.  (more…)

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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Thirty One Bits: eco-friendly fashion brings opportunity and hope to women of Uganda


Women of talent all over the world go unnoticed every day. However, with organizations like Thirty One Bits, a portion of these women are now being recognized and given the opportunity of a lifetime. The organization was started by Kallie Dovel. Dovel was inspired by the hard work, perseverance, and beautiful craftsmanship displayed by the women she met on a trip to Uganda in 2007. She visited the village of Gulu, Uganda and discovered the art of making jewelry out of recycled paper, a common trade of the local women of the village. Despite their incredible talent and creativity, these women were struggling to make an income that supported their families. Dovel was inspired by their drive and brought some of their jewelry back home with her to the United States, determined to help the women in any way that she could.


Thirty One Bits is now the product of this inspiration. Dovel, along with a group of close friends has created an organization that services 108 women in Gulu Uganda. They purchase a monthly stock of jewelry from each woman, providing them with a sustainable income. Each woman stays in the program anywhere from three to five years, building business skills and saving money. The program does not just provide the women with a steady income, but also offers services such as: vocational training for a foundation in business, individual business mentors, AIDS education programs, community groups for emotional and mental support, a bank account for each woman, a finance-training program, as well as English lessons. These services are provided in hopes that each woman will graduate from the program with the materials and skills needed to start her own business and provide for her family. find online @



PS: Hey Cassandra –  we’re loving the do good, look good nature of the line … the wedding collection and spring 2012 look awesome … all from recycled paper!

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