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found fashion – recycled mason jar earrings


Laura Bergman makes lovely jewelry and accessories from antique glass and reclaimed bottles she recovers from the woods and rural farmlands of Pennsylvania’s Amish Country. These antique brass filigree teardrop earrings (pictured above) hold the glowing remains of ice blue glass from locally recovered broken Mason Jars.

$24 @ the bottled up designs Etsy shop

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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Electric Vehicles and Pollution – are the two more synonymous than you might think?


With gasoline prices currently on the rise, the popularity of electric transportation will continue to rise as well. While electric vehicles do alleviate problems both at the pump and with the environment, there’s more to consider when looking at the entire cycle of pollution than just the emissions from a vehicle’s tailpipe; China is the focus of a recent study that sheds some light on this issue.


A National Science Foundation funded study from the University of Tennessee shows that electric vehicles in China are charged by electrical grid sources mixed with about 90% coal, which according to Assistant Professor Chris Cherry, makes electric vehicles “more harmful to public health per kilometer traveled in China than conventional vehicles.” (more…)

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