The passion for global fashion can now be accessed through Serengetee, a t-shirt company that offers shirts with pockets made from fabrics from around the world. The company’s motto, “Wear the World” certainly embodies their goal. The company was started by a young world-traveler, Jeff Steitz. He circumnavigated the world on Semester at Sea in the fall of 2011. While abroad, Jeff collected fabrics from all of the regions he visited including Africa, South East Asia, South America and more. He has also collected fabrics from different regions of the United States to add to the Serengetee t-shirt pattern collection.

Serengetee’s mission involves unification, however small, of citizens all over the world. Their statement reads: We celebrate the diversity of our world and seek to foster relationships based on cross cultural collaboration and understanding.

The company not only offers diverse fabrics from around the world, they also donate a percentage of each sale to a charity based in the region the particular fabric came from. The consumer is given the opportunity to select the charitable cause, in the region the fabric is from, that he/she would like their proceeds to fund. They also offer a “Fabric of the Week” for which 100% of the proceeds are donated.

The fabrics are all produced locally, stimulating a sustainable economy in the region of each fabric. Serengetee also practices sustainable packaging methods. All shirts are packaged in 100% post-waste envelopes. In the future, “rental tees” will also be a possibility. This option would allow the consumer to pay a yearly subscription fee ($10). They can order, wear, and return t-shirts for new designs. All of the used shirts will be reused and recycled. Steitz states that: This is an attempt to change the perception on shirts having an expiration date and to ultimately avoid the landfill.

This charitable and sustainable company can serve as a model for ethical business in the future. For more information, pattern selections, or to purchase a worldly shirt of your own, visit