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Vietnam’s Friendship Village

friendship village

I recently had the unique opportunity to visit Hanoi, Vietnam. It is a spectacular city in the heart of an incredibly diverse landscape. Amongst the hustle and bustle of motorbikes, mango venders, and hand-crafted textiles lies a small village that houses, feeds, and educates children who suffer the remaining genetic effects of Agent Orange from the Vietnam War. This home is called the Friendship Village.


The Friendship Village was founded by George Mizo, an American veteran of the Vietnam War, in 1988. Mizo’s experiences during the war inspired him to create the Friendship Village. After the war, Mizo explained that, “The horrible experiences during the war and the suffering of everybody on all sides inspired me to do something that would be a living symbol of peace, reconciliation and hope”.  (more…)

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Friday, March 9, 2012

eco-fashion friday finds – objects of affection


(above) Because winter is still out there somewhere… These snazzy fingerless arm warmers have been created from a bunch of recycled old sweaters. Perfect for texting.

$18 @ Molly Schwarzenberger’s CaTcHiNgDrAgOnFLiEs Etsy shop


(above) Eco jewelry makers Alex and Ani create all their earth-friendly pieces from recycled metals. Their ‘Because I am a Girl’ bangle is one of their latest designs.

Throughout 2012, 20% of all sales, with a minimum donation of $5,000, from the Because I am a Girl Charm will go to Plan International USA’s Because I am a Girl initiative, a movement to lift out of poverty four million girls in the developing world.

in Russian silver or gold $28 @


(above) Add some flirty style to your accessory collection with this unique bag inspired by the Spanish flamenco dress. The eco-friendly Flamenco bag is made from a variety of recycled tires.

$125 @ the GOMABags Supermarket shop


(above) Itching to whip up a fresh apron for spring? Here’s an easy-to-follow pattern … Lemon-inspired fabric just takes the cake. Pretty Ditty ($12.50) @

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