Daylight Savings Time starts at 2 A.M. tomorrow, (Sunday) morning. Remember to set your clocks one hour ahead tonight. In celebration of gaining an additional hour of daylight we are re-visiting a few nifty clocks made of recycled and repurposed and sustainable materials.


We’ve seen vinyl record clocks before, but these are a little different – they feature upcycled limited edition 45 rpm records by artists ranging from the inimitable Michael Jackson (above) to UK rockers the Stereophonics (below). Also pictured below are classic limited editions chunks of vinyl by the White Stripes and Kanye West (Golddigger).


Note: if you’re so inclined you can remove the clock’s mechanism and play the record. Most of Starfish Quay’s records have never been played and maintain they’re full collectible value. The handmade clocks range in price from around $20 to $50 depending on the value of the record. Find these and more @ the Starfish Quay Estsy shop.

The consumption of wood to create new products and the resulting deforestation is a reclaimedwoodclock1.jpgmajor worldwide problem, particularly in developing economies where forest management practices are rarely, if ever, practiced.

Products like this clock (photo, R) made by local artisans in Thailand from upcycled wood recovered from old boats and buildings help reduce the harvesting of old growth trees.

Note: due to the use of upcycled materials, no two clocks are identical.

(at right) $52 @


This handmade designer clock (above) is made from sustainably harvested rosewood and pine. Designer Singgih Kartono makes these retro-modern looking timepieces in the Indonesian farming village he calls home. The clock is the latest model in his handmade line of wooden clocks and radios.

$90 @ areaware

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Calling Father Time … designer and photographer Jonas Merian and his girlfriend Nina create their product designs and photography out of their live/work studio in Shanghai, China. Jonas created this series of upcycled telephone clocks (pictured above) from old, recycled Chinese telephones.

Merian’s clocks can be wall mounted or displayed tabletop. You can see more of Jonas’ clocks, photography and furniture designs on his flickr photostream, or at his website – Jonas’ Furniture Design.


(above) This clock is made from a real bike tire so it has the commensurate scuffs, dings and character of a used wheel.

The clock mounts directly to the wall through the hub using a hollow wall anchor, giving the clock the illusion of floating just off the wall. The timepiece features a high torque German quartz movement mounted and concealed behind a set of rear bike gears. The clock measures roughly 20 inches in diameter and runs on two included AA batteries.

Made in the USA by Allan Young and sold at his pixelthis Etsy shop for $129

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(above) This little kitchen clock works overtime – it keeps track of minutes and allows you to either write notes or play teacher with your tots. Leave a reminder for a loved one or teach the little guys how to tell time by chalking it up. They’ll also learn the value of using reclaimed materials — it’s hand-crafted in Wisconsin from reclaimed school blackboard + reclaimed Douglas Fir provides the little ledge. (approx 12″ L x 13″ high; 5 lbs.) $95 @

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