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non-toxic & eco-friendly cleaning supplies – 7 personal faves

Spring is in the air and let me guess, spring cleaning is on your gotta-do list. Aside from distilled white vinegar, baking soda and lemon, a cost-effective and trusty solution – if you’d like to try some brands that won’t harm you or hurt the environment, here’s a roundup of a few of my top Tried and True favs:


(above) Mrs Jones’ SoapBox – love the entire line, the Leather and Wood Cleaner is awesome.


(above) Grab Green – California-based, this biodegradable line is great, I especially like the Dishwashing Detergent and Room & Fabric Freshener.


(above) Eco Clean – Made in Denmark, the land of highly eco and energy minded individuals, the non-toxic Eco Clean line is free from parabens, phosphates, bleach, ammonia and petro chemicals. The line’s cleaning power is derived from plant and sugar based surfactants – specifically, fatty acids of sugar beets, (D-Glucopyranose) a sustainable, renewable, readily biodegradable plant. Great stuff.


(above) Better Life – planet-, people- and pet-friendly Better Life cleaning products are 99 percent derived from plants. No parabens, petrochemicals, sulfates, VOCs, ethoxylates, ammonia, bleach, solvents, dyes, toxins or synthetic anything. Simply amazing line. Especially love Simply Floored, I Can See Clearly Wow and 2am Miracle.


(above) Shaklee – don’t let the “big name” scare you – awesome stuff, especially cool is the Scour Off Heavy Duty Paste. A real grime fighter – just a little dab does the trick – smells great and lasts a long time.


(above) Supreme Surface eco-friendly Granite countertop cleaner and conditioner wow! a 100% organic, non-toxic and food-safe option for those granite surfaces – you can see and feel the difference – not just clean, but conditioned – very cool.


(above) Let’s not forget spiffing up the car: skip the car wash – check out our review of Eco-Touch Waterless Car Wash products – they’re amazing. They leave the car nice and clean; the Quick Wax helps keep things shiny for quite a long time.

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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Wind Lens Could Change Our Energy Production Landscape

wind lens wind turbine

The Wind Lens is a simple round shroud (video) that can be retro-fitted to cover a variety of existing wind turbines, providing up to three times more wind power generation than before. It was developed by Kyushu University in Japan in reaction to the Fukushima nuclear disaster — an event that emphasized the need to develop alternative means of energy production. The Lens’ diffuser and brim create strong wind vortices and a low pressure region behind the turbine. The increased pressure difference between the front and back of the turbine amplifies the wind flow into the Wind Lens, potentially tripling wind speeds.

Wind Lens Turbine

Professors at the university are now aiming to implement the design at sea on hexagonal platforms (photo above). The designers hope that the shroud could enable wind turbines to replace all the power currently generated by nuclear power plants in Japan, at a cheaper per dollar Mega-Watt hour (MWh) cost.  (more…)

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green home decor: reclaimed hemlock floating shelf

reclaimed pine floating shelf

Simplicity can be a beautiful thing — case in point: this double-level floating shelf made of reclaimed old growth hemlock recovered from an historic Punxsy, PA. building.

The shelf ships with all hanging hardware and a YouTube installation video.

$75 @ the amblysue Etsy shop

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