Save the Date: 11.11.12

All together, now … breathe in, breathe out … Is this an alternative way to connect with those around the globe …  just a good way to gain exposure/money for a non-profit … or, what do you think?


Backstory:  Around since 2006, non-profit Do As One’s vision is for every individual on the planet to know the importance of healthy, conscious breathing and to empower people to experience their inherent connection through breathing together.

“People are downloading the Breathe Together app to connect like never before in the name of unity and peace using nothing more than their breathing and an iPhone,” says Eric Stotz, CEO of Do As One. “Users literally breathe together 24/7 with our pulsating orb at a pace of five breaths per minute, allowing them to slow down and breathe deeply to optimally oxygenate their bodies and improve overall health and wellness.”


The Breathe Together iPhone app and the Do As One website have already organically attracted millions of users from 16,134 cities in 198 countries to date, with thousands more coming everyday.

Dr. Beckwith states, “Just imagine if the entire world breathed consciously. Calmness and harmony would have an opportunity to inform decisions and actions, and a world body would become unified.” One billion hearts are expected to breathe in unison.
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