container garden colander

Do you have a green thumb, but no room to show it off? Consider container gardening as a sustainable solution to your spatial problem. Gardening is a pastime enjoyed both by the gardener as well as the environmental surroundings. Do not let your place of residence restrict your ability to garden. There are several types of container gardening, including rooftop gardening, indoor gardening as well as office gardening. 

The environmentally and colorfully green activity can be approached using a multitude of different containers. Rather than letting you plants grow rampant, control their spreading with an old car tire, an old bed frame, or children’s pool. Within these inexpensive parameters, you can grow flowers, herbs, or even your own sustainable vegetable garden. Not only can this provide a pleasant view, the contained plants can help reduce your grocery bill.

Next time you’re about to throw out a piece of what you would typically consider “junk”, give it another glance and decide if it could become a creative new pot for your container garden. Decorating your containers can be as fun as growing the plants inside them.

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