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sculptural designer bird feeders


Even though it’s an early spring there’s still not a lot of food out there for our fine-feathered-friends to munch on. It remains a good idea to keep your bird feeder operational for a few more weeks. And what better way to facilitate all that spring dining than with a new, eye-catching designer bird feeder.


Metal sculptor Joe Papendick creates his hand-welded, bird feeders from a combination of stainless steel, steel rods and steel mesh. These feeders are modern, elegant and fairly indestructible. The two models pictured above retail for $89 each at Joe’s Cargoh online shop

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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Food for Thought: World Water Day – Thursday March 22, 2012


  • According to the United Nations, the adequate management of water resources is key to assuring adequate nourishment before the growing demand of the world population.
  • The majority of the water we consume is incorporated in food. To make a kilo of rice, we need 2,450 liters of water.
  • The We Are Water Foundation collaborates to create awareness on the need to make good use of this resource and creates an application that calculates the amount of water necessary to produce a food or its Water Print.

Every year, on March 22, the World Water Day is decreed by the UNO which, in the 2012 edition, deals with water and food safety. More than 1 billion people lack a basic supply of water and 1.5 million children die every year due to illnesses caused by non-drinkable and contaminated water.  (more…)

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eco news roundup


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