• According to the United Nations, the adequate management of water resources is key to assuring adequate nourishment before the growing demand of the world population.
  • The majority of the water we consume is incorporated in food. To make a kilo of rice, we need 2,450 liters of water.
  • The We Are Water Foundation collaborates to create awareness on the need to make good use of this resource and creates an application that calculates the amount of water necessary to produce a food or its Water Print.

Every year, on March 22, the World Water Day is decreed by the UNO which, in the 2012 edition, deals with water and food safety. More than 1 billion people lack a basic supply of water and 1.5 million children die every year due to illnesses caused by non-drinkable and contaminated water. 


How much water does it take to produce that tomato, bowl of rice or head of lettuce? Here in US we take our tap water and drinking water for granted. Organizations have been hard at work for the past several years, spreading the news about the importance not only of conservation but how those in less developed regions are starving for water. To highlight World Water Day 2012, in conjunction with the United Nations, the WE ARE WATER FOUNDATION has created an app for smart phones that spells out just how much water is required to produce our everyday food – not just how much water we may consume simply by drinking it or taking a shower or bath. Food for thought, indeed.

Thirsty for more? Tap into the WE EAT WATER app at the iTunes store.

more @ weAreWater.org

Lifted from their press release:

This application includes recipes coming from different countries and each recipe specifies the Water Print for the dish. The Water Print adds up all the water necessary, not only to cook the recipe, but also the water used to produce the food. For example, to make simple Chinese “wonton”, 5,804 liters of water are used.

The “We Eat Water” application has a symbolic cost of 0.79 Euros (almost 4 AED) that is designated to funding the 4 aid projects that the We Are Water Foundation has put into place this 2012 in collaboration with organizations like Unicef, Fundación Vicente Ferrer, Oxfam or Educación sin Fronteras.

According to Xavier Torras, director of the We Are Water Foundation, “The majority of the water that we use as humans is in the food we eat. Each day, a person can drink 3 liters of water, but to produce a plate of paste, we need 1,025 liters of water and for a kilo of rice, almost 2,450 liters”. These are two examples of the amount of water necessary to produce food. A resource that is not available in many places around the world.