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spring of sustainability – virtual initiative & live events kick off today


Concerned about your personal well being and survival of the planet? Here’s an easy way to tap into over 100 speakers’ thoughts on Solutions for a Thriving New World – listen live by phone or webcast or access recorded replays … three months of FREE virtual and live events … kicks off today, March 26 and runs through June 22.

Jane Goodall, Bill McKibben, Van Jones, Randy Hayes, Frances Moore Lappe, Denis Hayes and over 100 other luminaries and a who’s who of world leaders in their field have come together to educate, inspire and create change. Core topics of the 3-month long event, include: Green Lifestyle, Green Business, Activism for a Just and Sustainable World, Indigenous Wisdom & Modern Science, and Thriving Communities. Enlighten yourself on some of today’s most pressing issues –  resource depletion, species extinction, environmental justice and climate change – just by hitting a few keys. FREE Registration. Learn more @ Spring of Sustainability.

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Monday, March 26, 2012

ecomonday news


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