Springtime is all about renewal – lately I’ve been freshening up my home, terrace, car, closets … and skincare. I don’t know about you, but winter seems to make my skin look a bit dull – so when I came across a beauty booster in a bottle, I said, “I gotta try this.” Around since 1983, and touted as France’s number one organic certified beauty brand, I was already familiar with Melvita, the maker of this new line of Extraordinary Water.

Available in 3 formulations: Rose, Orange Blossom and Narcissus, I decided to try Narcissus. Having already experienced a different brand of Rose Water in the past I thought I’d test a floral water that was a little more unusual. Now that it has been a couple of weeks, here goes…

narcissus_floral_water.jpgI’m really enjoying this botanically derived, beauty in a bottle – Narcissus Extraordinary Water is lovely, and using it is simple. I dab a little onto freshly washed and dried skin. The scent alone is fresh and uplifting, and surely boosts my spirits.

A heady blend of soy-based hyaluronic acid and organic glycerine, with an advanced papaya-citrus-olive complex, and all-natural lemon extract – it makes skin feel wonderfully clean and fresh. The scent lingers and makes me feel happy and invigorated. My moisturizer or sunscreen goes on beautifully afterward. Officially, it’s intended to “brighten skin, impart radiance to the complexion; and minimize discoloration and reduce the appearance of brown spots.” Ingredient notes, for the purist in you – it also contains: fragrance, Potassium Sorbate (a preservative which is rated a 3 in EWG’s Skin Deep Cosmetics Database) and Decyl Glucoside (limited data available) and Sodium Hydroxide (rated 1).

find @ or at any of Melvita’s retail shops in San Francisco and Newport Beach, CA and in Seattle, WA.

Narcissus Extraordinary Water ($25, 100ml)

full disclosure: I received one bottle of Narcissus for a no strings attached Tried and True Green Product Review.

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