The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) has produced a study that is touted to finally be able to reveal the number of green jobs there are in the U.S. The green sector, known as the Green Goods and Services (GGS) which includes 120,000 businesses over 333 iStock_000003105195XSmall_1_1_1.jpgindustries, comprises roughly 2.4 percent of all jobs found in the U.S.

How does that stack up? In 2010, roughly 3.1 million people were employed ingreen jobs — a number we can presume has continued to grow over the last two years. California is the state with the most jobs, totaling to 338,000 (next closest is New York with 249,000); 6 states exceed the 100,000 jobs number.

Divided up by sector, the private sector holds the most available jobs with 2.3 million, with another 860,000 employed in the public sector. The BLS also notes how widespread jobs are given the different skill sets people have. Manufacturing makes up the most in the private sector number, followed by construction, professional services, and waste services; most green jobs in the public sector involve local government, followed by mass transit systems and federal government jobs.

The most interesting fact to come from the study is that fossil fuel industries contribute only 783,000 total jobs (2010). Something to ponder, given the amount of time each sector has had to develop respectively. What’s most exciting are the growth possibilities for the green jobs sector; if, in its short lifespan it has already surpassed the jobs total of the fossil fuel industry, then there is tremendous hope for the U.S. job market from both an economic and a sustainability standpoint.