veliac 3 electric trike

If you believe you’re too old to ride an electric bike — or you’ve totally lost your sense of balance like I have — you may want to consider an electric tricycle as a local transportation alternative. Electric-bike-marketer is now offering the 3rd generation electric tricycle, the Veliac Three.
veliac 3 side

It comes fitted with dual handbrakes, lights, front and rear baskets, a horn and turn indicators. Unlike most electric trikes which struggle along with a 24V battery and wimpy motors, the Veliac Three is supported by a 36V Lithium ion power pack and an 8Fun brushless hub motor. The trike has a 21 mile trip capacity on full electric power. 

The power is controlled either by pedaling or using the throttle control on the handlebar. And here’s the unique feature – the Veliac Three is built around a tilting system that allows you to lean slightly into corners for added stability, avoiding the odd handling that’s typical of rigid-framed trikes. New for 2012 is front fork suspension, to help cushion any unexpected bumps along the way.

The trike’s unique basket system can hold up to 300lbs of stuff — making trips to the grocery store a realistic undertaking.

The Veliac 3 is currently available for £1490.00 in the U.K. @

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