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Green Architecture: Container House by Studio H:T

container house ext

Boulder, Colorado’s Studio H:T is an innovative architectural firm hellbent on making a difference. Their “Container House” is a project that reflects their desire to “create buildings, objects, and environments that heighten the senses and celebrate the unique qualities of place.”

container house 3


This project rejects the mainstream desire for excessive space and challenges occupants to be efficient. The design features two shipping containers that  ‘saddlebag” a taller common space that connects to the adjacent rock outcroppings and overlooks expansive mountain views.



The two containers house a bedroom, bath, laundry, kitchen and office spaces while the center space provides entry, dining, living and a sleeping loft/deck above. The project was designed to be off-grid using solar orientation, passive cooling, green roofs and pellet stove heating, while photovoltaics provide electricity.

The home was an AIA Colorado Citation Award recipient.

See more of the Studios work @ 

via: archdaily              photos: Braden Gunem

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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Watch Out for the “Prius Fallacy”

Prius Shark with Fin

Have you heard this phrase lately?

David Owen of The New Yorker has coined the latest controversial green phrase known as the “Prius fallacy” in his new book “Conundrum”, and has been questioned recently as to just how truthful this claim really is. Related to Jevon’s paradox, the fallacy clings to the general trend that people consume more of what becomes cheaper when it’s in demand. In this case, it’s a Toyota Prius offering leading fuel economy and reduced emissions as compared to conventional vehicles, but since the option of owning a Prius has become more available to the masses, the Prius is causing more harm than good in the long run.  (more…)

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