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eco fashion friday finds – it’s earth month

upcycled bulb earrings

These Earth Day seed earrings (above) are said to be made of a combination of  upcycled glass bulbs, cumin seeds and magic. You can buy all that for $18 @ the kapelusznik Etsy shop.

john patrick organics mosaic dress

Designer John Patrick’s Organics line features trendy casual wear created from ethical, sustainable and recycled materials. Check out the Mosaic Collarless Dress, above. Available @

_cage dress

Designer Gina Michele hand crochets her cage skirt using eco friendly acrylic yarn (recycled from plastic bottles).  $58 @ the Gina Michele Supermarket shop.

recycled materials necklace

Our good friends at EarthLover Shopping are a great resource for all manner of handmade, ethically produced products from around the globe, like the opera-length (56″) strand of paper beads, glass seed beads and silver, pictured above. Wrap it several times around your neck or wear it as a chunky bracelet. Handmade in Kenya and Uganda — reasonably priced @ $21.

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Friday, April 6, 2012

a mixed bag of green news

glowing forest

green forest with ray of light photo via

more eco news on The Alternative Consumer

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